Car dashboard signs and their meanings and most important guidelines

Learn about the signs of the car dashboard, their meanings, and the most important instructions through an ocean website, as the car dashboard has many important things. The car must be fully aware of the meanings of these warning signs and symbols to avoid aggravating the problem, so below we will learn about the car dashboard signs and their meanings in detail.

Car dashboard signs

In the dashboard of the car there are several luminous and important signs and symbols that indicate specific things in the car. There are symbols for speed, fog lights, fuel and cruise control.

There are also symbols for the engine temperature and rain sensor, as well as for a low water tank, and many more, and it is necessary to know the meanings of these warning symbols in detail to avoid danger while driving.

Here are some warning signs on the dashboard

Tire pressure warning sign

The tire pressure warning sign indicates that there is a problem with one of the car tires, and the problem can exist in more than one of the car tires, so all car tires must be checked and the problem should be resolved when you see their warning symbol.

The vehicle tire pressure warning symbol means that the tire pressure is high or low, causing damage to the vehicle.

Oil pressure warning sign

This symbol indicates that there is a problem with the oil pressure system in the car, whether that problem revolves around running out of the amount of oil in the car.

Or is it because the oil pump inside the car does not circulate fluids and oil in order to lubricate all the interior surfaces of the car as it must for the car to work to the fullest.

Engine temperature warning sign

The engine temperature warning sign indicates that the car engine temperature is too high and must be lowered to ensure the safety of the car.

The car engine temperature is high for several reasons, including the lack of coolant in the car or the presence of a leak in it, and the reason may be a problem in the car thermostat.

Anti-lock brake warning sign

When you see the anti-lock brake warning sign illuminated, it means that there is a problem and there is a fault with those brakes, and you must be careful and fix this malfunction immediately because they are the brakes that make you safe while driving the car.

It should be noted that anti-lock brakes must be checked periodically to avoid malfunctions and to drive completely safely.

Traction control warning sign

This sign indicates a problem with the car’s traction control system, and it could be due to the slippage of one of the car’s wheels, which may cause the car to swerve while driving.

Therefore, you should stop driving immediately when you see this vehicle’s traction control warning sign illuminated to avoid accidents.

Engine warning sign

The engine warning sign indicates that there is a major problem with the engine and that you must stop driving immediately, and one of the expected reasons that cause the engine warning sign to light up is either a low oil pressure in the car.

Or the cause is the high temperature of the car engine, and the problem may be in the gasoline cap, the gasoline cap may be open, which leads to the evaporation of the fuel.

Therefore, it is necessary to find out the reason behind the lighting of the engine warning sign and work to fix the malfunction to drive the car safely.

Low fuel warning sign

One of the most important warning signs that are present in the car dashboard is the low fuel warning sign, which must be taken care of and go to the nearest gas station.

This is to provide the car with the fuel it needs so that it does not stop on the public road and cause you, the driver, a lot of problems.

Low windshield wiper fluid sign

This sign lights up when the windshield wiper fluid is running low. Sometimes the driver needs to wipe the windshield of the car for better visibility and safer driving.

Therefore, care must be taken to fill the tank of these spaces every period, and the cleanliness of the car as a whole must be taken care of.

Airbag warning sign

The airbag is one of the important safety means in the car, which works not to exacerbate the risks and injuries in the event of an accident.

And when the airbag warning sign lights up, it means that there is a problem with it or its system, and the airbag must be checked and repaired immediately.

The most important warning signs in the car dashboard
There are some other warning signs in the car dashboard that you must beware of and speed up the repair of its malfunctions, and the most important of these warning signs are the following:

Steering wheel warning symbol

When the steering wheel warning sign lights up, it means that there is a problem with the car’s steering system, which means that there is a great need to make more effort to change the car’s lane.

EPC mark symbol illumination

This luminous sign in the car dashboard indicates that there is a problem with the fuel in the car, and the problem may be the presence of some impurities that resulted due to the use of low-quality fuel.

Or if the fuel is counterfeit, and this mark can also indicate that the fuel in the car is not intended for that type of car.

seat belt code

This symbol lights up when the vehicle is riding in order for the driver to fasten the seat belt, as the seat belt is intended to ensure the driver’s safety and protection in the event of a collision or accident.

Warning sign of an error in the filtration system

Many diesel cars nowadays have a filtration system that removes harmful soot from the exhaust from the car,

This is to reduce harmful emissions that pollute the air, in addition to the fact that when this symbol is lit, it means the possibility of damage to the car’s engine.

Car dashboard warning colors

Car dashboard signs provide a lot of important and valuable information about the quality of the car, and they also contain warning signs that alert the driver that there are some malfunctions that must be fixed immediately.

In most cars, most cars have dashboard warning lights with lights that are similar to the colors of the traffic lights, to indicate the type of warning as well as its intensity.

Your dashboard may have red, green, yellow, white and blue warning signs.

The car dashboard signs are red when there is a big problem that needs to be fixed immediately, and the car dashboard signs appear in yellow to warn that there is a problem, but it is not immediate and you can wait a little while to fix it.

Some signs appear in the white, blue and green dashboard only to provide information about the car to the driver, but they do not indicate any malfunctions or problems with the car.

Thus, we have learned about the signs of the car dashboard and the most important warning signs in it, as well as the colors of the warning signs in the car dashboard and what each of those colors indicates.

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