What are the tragedies of the negative use of cars by young people 2022

Learn about the tragedies of the negative use of cars by young people through an ocean website, where there are many tragedies and calamities that result from the negative use of cars by young people. Society classifies it as deviant behavior, so it is necessary to completely avoid dangerous driving and avoid all factors that can lead to accidents and loss of life, and below we will learn about the tragedies of negative use of cars in detail.

Passive use of cars

It has become very necessary to own a car to meet the needs and daily matters, as the car has become one of the necessities and basics of life, as it dispenses with wasting a lot of time, effort and money in public transportation.

However, many people, especially young people, own cars and use them negatively, which exposes them and others to many dangers and serious damages.

Driving at high speed and exaggeration is the most important form of passive use of cars, as it causes the loss of human lives and severe injuries to both the driver and pedestrians on the road.

Manifestations of passive use of cars

There are many manifestations of negative use of cars, which have recently spread widely, and these negative manifestations affect the lives of those who follow these wrong behaviors and the lives of others on the roads.

Among those negative aspects of using cars are the following:

Super speed

Driving at high speed is a violation of traffic laws, however, it has spread greatly in recent years, and driving at high speed results in annoying sounds emanating from the car.

It also emits an unpleasant smell that results from the intense friction between the car tires and the asphalt, which harms others, and driving at great speed can cause loss of life and a lot of material losses.

Violation of traffic laws and signs

Non-compliance with traffic laws and signals is one of the manifestations of passive use of cars, as there are some people who do not pay attention to traffic lights and drive the car when pedestrians pass by, which puts the lives of others at risk.

The law also punishes violating traffic laws and signs by paying large sums of money for the traffic violation, and it may even lead to the driver’s license being withdrawn.

Not having a first aid kit

Every car driver must have first aid tools to be able to contain the accident and save what can be saved. When a fire occurs in the car, the driver must use the fire extinguisher so that the matter does not turn into a catastrophic disaster.

Also, anyone in the car can be injured and need some first aid, and the lack of first aid tools is reckless and is a punishment that violates the law.

Using the phone while driving

Many people are using the phone while they are driving, but it is very bad and the law is responsible for it because of the many risks and damages that may affect the driver or other pedestrians.

Some people use the phone to talk while driving, to send and receive text messages, or even to take some souvenir photos, and all of these things distract the focus from driving, which causes serious accidents.

Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs

Consumption of alcohol and drugs causes the driver to become unsteady and has blurred vision, which causes him to lose the eligibility to drive at that time because he is a danger to himself and others.

We must stay away from those things that go astray, destroy health, and cause human and psychological disasters in the short and long term.

Not to buckle

One of the biggest manifestations of passive car use is not wearing a seat belt. It is made to protect the driver from any physical complications in the event of an accident.

Attention must be paid to all people in the car and to stress the need to wear a seat belt, especially children, in order to preserve their health and their lives in general.

The tragedies of passive use of cars

There are many tragedies and disasters due to the negative use of cars, as it is difficult to bear these damages, especially human and psychological ones.

Young people between the ages of seventeen and twenty-four years are the ones who cause the most serious road accidents.

They drive crazy because of their overconfidence and to brag about their ability to drive recklessly.

There are three types of tragedies of passive use of cars among young people, and the following is a comprehensive description of these three types in detail.

Human tragedies

Passive use of cars and reckless driving cause great harm, often resulting in the loss of human lives.

Nothing matters at that time except for the human losses that occurred, whether intentionally or unintentionally, which is contrary to the command of God Almighty, as he said in his Noble Book:

And do not kill the soul that God has forbidden, except for the truth.

In addition, the passive use of cars can cause a lot of road accidents that may cause many people disability and loss of organs, which makes them unable to continue their lives and exercise normally.

Psychological tragedies

Road accidents resulting from reckless driving and passive use of cars can cause many psychological problems, as a person’s psychological state can deteriorate as he remembers the details of the accident.

He also senses the feeling of terror and fear that he felt during the accident, which makes him nervous and uncomfortable when he gets in the car again.

And many people who have been exposed to serious road accidents get into depression, destroy their psyche, and isolate themselves away from others.

In addition, driving too fast and recklessly may cause panic, panic and fear of anything happening to people passing on the roads, including women and children.

Physical tragedies

Serious road accidents cause cars to be completely destroyed and destroyed, and they destroy and damage the property of others in a large way, making them useless and unusable again.

Road accidents can cause a lot of loss and damage to public property, as major road accidents destroy roads and public facilities as well as lighting poles.

It can also cause serious damage to the shops located on both sides of the road in which the accident occurred, and all of this is one of the material tragedies resulting from the passive use of cars.

Reasons behind passive use of cars

There are some reasons that push young people to use cars negatively, and these reasons are some of the points that should be paid attention to, as follows:

  • The lack of sufficient awareness and culture necessary to drive a car and maintain public morals when driving, and we see this phenomenon in Arab societies in abundance.
  • Recklessness and failure to carry out awareness campaigns that urge people to drive at a moderate speed and to abandon reckless driving in order to preserve lives and property.
  • Not realizing the true meaning of freedom and violating the rights of others to pass the roads safely without panic and fear of accidents.
  • Staying away from God and not adhering to religious principles that urge self-preservation and not causing any harm to others.
  • Too much money leads to the use of cars negatively, since with a lot of money comes recklessness and lack of appreciation of property, so the driver thinks that he can come up with better ones if anything happens to them because of the negative use of them.
  • Thus, we have learned about the manifestations of the negative use of cars among young people and the tragedies and disasters that may result from that use.

We also learned about the reasons behind the negative use of cars by some young people, which must be paid attention to and urged everyone to abide by traffic laws and signs to avoid serious accidents.

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