Unusual facts about the Seine in Paris

At first sight, the Seine in Paris may look like an ordinary river running through Paris, but it is much more than that, it has turned into a major tourist attraction and landmark with many wonderful bridges and two islands within. And much more. The Seine has always been a major and prominent river even before the city came into being. Its history dates back to the time when the first Parisian tribes settled in fishing villages near the river and also when the river was taken over by the Roman Empire because it became a valuable commercial waterway. However, surprisingly, the river is only about 24 meters above sea level and in places only 8 meters deep, making it a slow and easily navigated river as well, and to this day it supplies Paris with water.

The true creativity you see in the Seine

The river divides the city into two parts. Commonly known as the typical left and right. Settlers initially resided around the Right Bank, but it wasn’t until the era of the Roman Empire that Paris began to grow that it eventually expanded into the Left Bank as well. To identify the different sides, you can look downstream to see that the side on the left bank is left and the same as the right, which makes it easy to understand no matter where you are in town for that reason. Where the river branches into Paris, it has two islands in the middle, known as Ile Saint-Louis and the other being Ile de la Cite, which is also known as Paris City Center Point.

On the left side of the river, you can find many famous and often visited landmarks in Paris, including the Musée d’Orsay located in an old railway station and the famous Eiffel Tower along with other landmarks such as Les Invalides with Napoleon’s tomb. On the other side of the Seine, you can see the most famous museum in Paris, a former palace called the Louvre, as well as the stunning Champs-Elysées, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in the distance and more. Although there are many great monuments in Paris that are right next to the river, including the Île de Cite where you can find La Conciergerie which was a palace later turned into a prison during the French Revolution and also in a stunning area. Notre Dame cathedral on the same island. We advise you to go to the Flyin website and book a ticket to Paris through Etihad Airways or Emirates Airlines as soon as possible.

How do you cross the Seine on your holiday?

In fact, although the river is large, you can easily cross it through the 32 bridges that cross the Seine to get to the other side as well as the monuments, whether on bus tours such as the l’Open Tour or by foot on a bridge such as the Pond des Arts or Nearby is the oldest bridge called Pont Neuf, which has also been spotted in various films over the years. It’s also easy to find and get to docks along the riverbank, with trails and bike paths as well as picnic areas and the possibility to sunbathe on a nice day where you can find many great spots. Or if you prefer you can hop on a trip across the canal or a boat trip along the river. As can be seen, there are many things to do along the Seine, not forgetting that there is also a Batobus which is a bus that stops along the water at different piers so that you can find some of the main tourist attractions in Paris along the water. You can book a cheap flight there through Flyin.

Cruises along the waterway are also a favorite, and tour companies that happen to be one of the oldest, Bateau Mochis, can provide dinner cruises on traditional boats and others that can offer various river tours of Paris ranging from gourmet French cuisine or Even long flights that can be from Paris to Le Havre and travel on Eurostar to return to Paris.

The most beautiful places to visit on the Seine River

There are a couple of places to visit on the Seine, including the Chinese Junk named Our Lady of Canton and officially known as the Cabaret Pirate which hosts shows and concerts for all ages, as well as another place for nightly entertainment and DJs in an old lighthouse called the Batovar boat.

Paris Plage was the original reason for creating the pool, and Paris Plages itself is a highlight during August as part of the banks have been converted into beaches with tons of sand, palm trees, plenty of activities, deck chairs and more. Perfect for any age to go and relax, let the kids build sandcastles, do some sports or maybe just catch a bit, this has become one of the major tourist attractions in Paris for both the residents and people on vacation in Paris. Now for something a little different, here are some unusual facts about the Seine that you might not have known.

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